So I Really Gotta Suck the Snot Out

Tips for Relieving Your Congested Infant

That’s a real dialogue excerpt from my wife as we were knee deep in our first NoseFrida experience. I managed to bring home an awful flu-like bug a few days prior, and was generous enough to share it with the whole family. Our poor little Vaida, then 3 months of age, had her first taste of illness. There she laid, miserable next to us in bed, entirely incapable of sleeping. She was super cranky and making a snorting noise that evoked parental emotions beyond pity.

We’d tried baby aspirator bulbs intended to suck out the mucus from the baby’s nostrils. First issue is they mostly don’t work. Secondly, the device is nearly impossible to clean out. Battery powered aspirators may yield slightly better results, but largely freaked out our baby.

The solution we’ve found is a Swedish device called NoseFrida. We were given the NoseFrida by a thoughtful friend and fellow parent. My wife originally said ”Does she really expect us to use that?” Her apprehension was largely due to, as the title infers, essentially having to suck the snot out of your baby. NoseFrida was created by a doctor and consists of a nasal chamber connected to a filtered tube enabling parent’s to suck out the baby’s mucus.

While the process is off putting initially, the results will certainly convert even the harshest skeptic. The device easily removes LOTS of problematic mucus from the baby’s nostrils. ”Kris, Kris, LOOK! That was in our baby’s nose!” said my wifey with genuine amazement looking at the green goo she sucked out. Unlike the bulb aspirators, NoseFrida is very easy to clean. Finally, for the fellow germaphobes, fear not, clinical studies have proven the filter prevents mucus and bacterial transfer from child to user. Whew! Vaida isn’t the only one who can sleep easy…

Additionally, I’d suggest the application of Ayr Saline Nasal Gel after using the NoseFrida (Adult formula is safe for infants). I’ve found the gel to work far better, and be easier to apply than Saline drops. Apply the gel to a clean Q-Tip and shallowly insert the tip inside the baby’s nostril.
We sell the NoseFrida and Ayr in the pharmacy. As for seeing the product in action, you’ll have to purchase it or come by my house for a demo. I only offer snot-sucking services to blood relatives;)

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